Book One Blew me Away! Book Two sent me to a Whole New World!
 I am totally infatuated  with this book and the world Cassi has created.
This book is just a really great ride from start to finish!  I was unable to put this book down  until I had devoured it from start to finish.
If you had not fallen under Kara's spell in book one, you will in book two; such a great character   She's Tough As Nails with a Heart of Gold.  Her  absolute belief in those she cares about is just amazing.  Even in her darkest times she never gives up believing in herself  and fights for those she loves! She really stays true to herself and what she believes to be right! 
Now if you weren't have in love with Julian, Gavin, and Jaxon in Book One, You are a fool!  This book just cements the love and infatuation  OMG  I spent half the book wanting to wrap Gavin and Jules up in big hug and tell them that it will all work out. Also spent half the book lusting after their delicious self's!  The Spicy sex scenes are so steamy! And Yes More HOTTER THAN H
This book also goes more into the characters of Tray and Aiden. Great guys that you at times want to smack in the back of the head. They really do some dumbass shit!  But you find yourself loving them anyways.

Book two has all the fast-paced twist and turns as book one. It really Holds you in its grip all the way to the end. Then you are crying and begging for Book Three Right Now!  This book left me PANTING FOR MORE ! 



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