Good Morning Sweeties!

Now let me tell you, I had some rare free time this lovely AM to get a quick read in, and this was the book I chose. 

Taken by Him is a quick, hot  sexy read. A nice cup of coffee and sexy read started my day off right. This is a fun, sexy, sensual read. There was no deep intrigues and deep angst to sort through, Just a lot of hot mind blowing sex and fun sexual romps that leave you panting!

Luke is the typical bad boy playboy, who fears love and commitment. He is having too much fun sleeping with anything that moves and surprise  surprise that gets him in a little trouble and he has to lay low for awhile.

Now enter Peyton, a hard working women who is in need of a vacation. They meet, sparks fly, drool forms, and lands on sand!  That is not the only thing happen in the sand, though. I do love down and dirty sex on the beach, in a hammock, and in the ocean. Good times, great vacation!

Both Luke and Peyton fall hard and then walk away.  They then meet back up in their normal lives and sparks fly again.

 It had a great happy ending! The book was lots of fun.  It was a easy fun read to fill a nice Sunday morning with. 



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