I was waiting for the third book in this series for what felt like forever! I fell in love with Slave and Need ( the first two books in the series) and I devoured Anna and Stephan's Story. My heart was breaking for Anna in books one and two for all she had been through and all that she lost. Those books touched me so much that I carried Anna's story in my head for months after reading the books.

Truth continues Anna's journey and is just as amazing as Need and Slave.
I was blown away by how deeply both Anna and Stephan fell for each other.
It is like they need each other to breathe. It is a beautiful continuation of an amazing love story. This book is so beautifully written that you fall into Anna's story and  want to see her healed and whole.

Stephan is so wonderful, patient, and loving that you can't help but fall in love with him yourself. Truth gives you everything this story needs: courage, friendship, love and strength. It is a wonderful journey that will tug at your heart strings.

The ending is a little rough and you will cry. I believe that in book four we will get the Happily-Ever-After we all want for Anna and Stephan. I hope we will also see justice for Anna!

I love the book, It is worth every tear I shed reading It. It is truly touching read and I can not wait for book four.  YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES!!!!!!! 


I was just lost in this amazing book from the very first 10 sentences! It grabbed me and I  was hooked within the first 10 pages!  Once I started reading this book there was no stopping! The family can fix their own dinner, I am going to call out of work and turn of the phones: I am unavailable!  That is right I left my reality and escape into Amy's world! I am so glad I did.

This book is perfect in every way. It has the perfect mystery, that just grabs you and you can't sleep trying to figure it out. I dreamed this book for days after I read it. My brain trying to put the pieces of this wonderful mystery together. 

It has the perfect hero and heroine! Liam and Amy are two of the most interesting fictional characters yet. I just fell in love with both of them! I must say I am lusting a little bit for both of them!  Hey, I am allowed they are AWESOME!!

It has the perfect Love Story! I was drooling and swooning at the connection and chemistry between Liam and Amy! The loves scenes are amazingly erotic, that they gave me a few little wonderful escapes myself!!!!

There is a huge twist at the end of the book.You just want to hurl your kindle and then stalk the author and demand book two now!!!! My husband has hidden my keys so I can't take a road trip and hunt Lisa down and demand book two!
This is a perfectly wonderful book and you should drop everything you are doing and read it right now. Feed the kids before you start the book, because once you start this book you won't put it down until your finished and even then you might have urge to take a road trip and demand book two!

                   (We all need that sometimes!)


This is one steamy and sexy romance story with a great mystery thrown in.
The little twist and turns that the story takes you on are so fun.  I really enjoyed every aspect of this book.  It has a great mystery in it with lots of little intrigues that keep you guessing. It has a hot bad boy Vampire! Kade is just so flipping yummy! He may use those naughty words with me any time! Oh hell, he could use that dirty mouth how ever he wanted to with me and I would die a happy woman!   The steamy scenes between Kade and Valerie will get your heart racing and make you sweat! 

This is a wonderful, sexy read. You will get lost in Valerie and Kade's story.
It is wonderful, fun ride and I look forward to more books from this author.

This is a beautifully brilliant Dark Romance.

Fair warning, this is not book about roses and sunshine. It is dark and gritty and at time, disturbingly hard to read. That being said, it is also a wonderful love story. I fell in love with this writer's work with her first book Damaged and the Beast. It was also dark and gritty but it was a truly brilliant love story!

 It is hard to read and process what Tawny and her sister suffer through (at such a young age, too). The violation and loss of innocence, the terror and hopelessness that they suffer is really hard to read! The betrayal  by their parents and how the allowed these things to happen was really hard to take. I cried a lot with both books.  Tawny's story almost broke me! My heart broke every time she relived those awful memories. I did have to put the book down and step away for a little while: It just becomes so intense at parts.  That is how amazing this author is. I was there with Tawny and felt all her sorrow, fear and anger!

With that being said, this book is an amazing read. The journey of love and healing is just amazing.  Some readers may not like Tawny, some may want a more kick ass tough chick but Tawny is flawed and damaged. It is also what makes her so amazing. She is true test of courage and strength. I could never have the strength to get out of bed and face the world like she does. She dose not want perfect. She does not want sunshine, rainbows, and flowers. She does not trust it.  She just wants love and acceptance. Even with all she has been through she still tries to see the good in people but she also knows the bad and will look it in the eye and call it out! 

Judd is the love interest.  If you think he is going to be a White-Knight-In-Shining-Armor you are wrong. He is a true bad boy (and not in a good way). They is not much to like about him at first. He is not going to change who he is. He is a ruthless, bad-ass killer.  He has no remorse. He does what needs to be done and lives with it rather well. He is just what Tawny needs. He knows she is damaged and broken but he loves her just the same!  The love story between these two damaged broken souls is beautiful.  Tawny needs someone as damaged as she is and that is Judd. Judd understands and loves her not matter what happened in her past and no matter what she is now!  This is acceptance and love, the two things she needs more than anything. He see her damaged broken beautiful soul and loves her for it!  She knows what and who he is and she loves him all the same. It is perfect.

This book takes you on a dark and gritty ride, that at times is hard to read. It is so worth the read. It is a brilliantly amazing read!  

What a great, quick summer read!
This book is a wonderful introduction to  Tamara Hogan's Underbelly Chronicles. This is a short novella that takes place in the wonderful world that Tamara has created. It wets your appetite for the rest of the series and leaves you wanting more!

 This is the start of Bailey and Rafe's story! It is really just a teaser of what is to come. It is a quick, hot, sexy ride into this magical world. It leaves you wanting more! It is short but I was able to relate and quickly grow to like both Bailey and Rafe and want to see more of this couple. I will be getting the next book in the series.  

If you have not read any of the books in the series, this is a great little novella to introduce you to the characters and Underbelly world. I think you might just come to like the series and read the rest of books as well!  I know I am now a fan and I cannot wait to read more in this series!

 This is an interesting read! When I was given this book to review, I did not know that this was book two in a series so for the first couple of chapters, I was a little lost.  Once I got caught up with the story, I really started to get into the book. It is a great new twist on Fairies and Weres. It is full of action and mystery. It takes off in many different directions at once and you find yourself getting a little motion sick with all different plots happening at once.
I will say I was not fan of the main characters, I found both Hedi and her mate to be a little annoying! I could not really relate to either of them. The background characters were a lot more interesting and likable! This is a nice read. I would recommend reading book one first. Once I went back and read book one, the book came together a lot easier and I understood Hedi a little better!  I am still not a fan of her mate!

 What a great SCFI summer read!
I really like all three stories in this collection. They were fun, fast reads, perfect for a day by the pool or beach.  They were great romantic reads with lots of steamy scenes!  I got lost fully in these stories and thought that they were wonderful short reads with a great Happily-Ever-After.

 What a surprise to find that they were just teasers for more to come for each couple.  This kind of turned me off. Here is my problem with this, I read a great, quick, fun romance and get the nice Happily Ever After and I am feeling pretty good until I read an excerpt from the next book! Not only is it not really a Happily-Ever-After , but in the next book the poor couples are torn apart and need to find their way back to each other all of  over again!  All three novellas did this. To be told at the end that it is only half the story was a little confusing because I didn't see it coming. I was not happy with this!

I must say I felt kinda tricked! Can we be up front with the reader and let them know that they are more books coming and that this is just a teaser book?
If I had known that when I started reading I would have been better prepared to find out that the adventures continue in another book!  

I did enjoy the short Novellas in this book but I am not sure If I will read the next book. I just don't want to find out that it does not end happily for the couples or turns into a saga of books!

 OMG ! this is a great new Sc-Fi Romance book!

This book will make my list of Best 2013 Summer Reads!

 I enjoyed every part of this book. It was well written, you are pulled into Cassiel's world right away.  She is one of the most likable characters I have ever come across; she's a really down to earth kinda girl. You really like Cassiel and relate to her and her journey right away. I was rooting for her the whole time! She slowly starts to come into her strength and courage in this book. I can see her becoming truly kIck-ass in the next book!

This book is really what I love about Sci-fi romance. It has everything you can want in a good read! It has a great heroine and great backup cast of characters that are just as likable as the main characters! It also has wonderful action and adventure, with just the right amount intrigue and romance!   I was just swept away in the world that the author created. This will be a series, which is good thing because I want more of Cassiel and her world!  I am not going to give anything away about the story. It really is just such a good book, I want to you to get lost in the world like I did. 
This is a truly fun read that will take you on a wonderful out of this world journey!


This book is going on my Best Books of the Summer List!  

This is book 3 in the Crescent Chronicles. Books 1 & 2 are Flight and Focus!
All three books are great reads.  This series is a fresh twist on all things Paranormal.. It has a whole new mythological twist that is so fresh and fun.  It has a whole new breed of supernatural. I have so much lust/love for the Pterons. I love the fact that they have wings and therefore can fly!  It is just a great ride from books 1-3. It is a wild ride that you don't want to end.

Allie and Levi are one of my favorite fiction couples. When you add Jared, Haley and Owen, it is just good times. Allie's witty comebacks and sarcastic  sassy attitude are just so fun.  She really gives Levi a run for his money!  Levi is truly drool worthy!  Jared is just SEX ON A STICK! 

I don't want to give  away to much of the book. There are too many neat surprises you need to discover on your own. You will have that "what?!" moment where you scream out loud at some of the little twists in the book!

 Found has all the elements that made me fall in love with the series in the first two books. There are so many twists you don't see coming! Also, Levi is still as hot and sexy as ever!  He's still just clueless as how to handle Allie at times, too. It is so much fun watching him learn to deal with such a headstrong young woman. There are lots of thrilling action and surprises to keep you guessing. 

What I love about Found is Allie truly starts to come into herself. You really start to see her accept Levi and all that comes with him. It is also great to see how much these two truly love each other and work to being together. 

This book as everything you could want in a book, soul mates, a deep romantic love, wit, humor, action and mystery. Plus it has a really nice happily-ever-after!  This book does not disappoint. It is a great continuation of the series and I hope to see more of the boys and girls of New Orleans!  Please, let Jared get is own hot, sassy, strong willed human. He deserves it.
If you have not read this series yet. Do it Now!

                                II LOVE THIS BOOK !!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! I LOVE THE AUTHOR!!!
                                I LOVE ALLIE AND LEVI.  LUSTING AFTER JARED!!!!!!


I love a great menage story! They are some of my favorite books to read!  This book is so good. It is hard to do a great menage with BDSM elements. Which is something this book does really well with both. It was a hot and sexy read.

There are two hot twins, Jared and Chris, who are both Doms.  They are have been in love with Cyn most of their lives, they were just afraid to introduce her to their sexual kinks!  When they read Cyn's diary and realize that she has the same desires for them and the kink, They set out to seduce her!

This had some of the best seduction scenes that I have read in a long time!
The library scene was so fantastic! It was such a hot and sensual scene, I am  surprised the books did not start smoking!  When you read the library scene, you might want to have a glass of Ice water nearby (just in case). You might feel a little hot!
This seems to be a start to a wonderful series and I look forward to reading more from this author. I really enjoyed this book. It had the right amount of love and kinky sex that a good menage book needs!  Way to go!