If you are looking for a sweet, light love story this is not the book for you.
This book is full of dark and deep emotions that at times are so intense that you will need to put the book down for a minute just to process all that you are feeling.
  Molly is a mess and her life is a mess. It is dark and complicated and she is lost in a sea of anger, despair, and hopelessness.  Thoughts of suicide of never far from her mind and It is almost a safety net for her. She knows it is always an option if it all becomes to much. It is a dark read and difficult to read at times.
Enter Ian and her life becomes more of a mess and she has no clue how to handle it.  Ian is sweet but sometimes a clueless guy. I liked him and felt very bad for him.  He really has no idea how messed up everything is. I think they begin to fall for each-other but the mess that is their lives distracts them from the real romance and  emotion of it all.  The twist at the end of book just flipped me over the edge and to learn that it also ended without any real closure for Molly, was just too much for me.  I really thought it was well written and the author does a great job of making you feel emotions for and of the characters.  My problem with this book is that there was so much dark and not enough hope or light  to make the book a worthwhile read for me.  I need a light at the end of tunnel. I need hope and love.  This book ended with too much dark, too much mess and not enough closure or healing.  If you like intense dark reads with little light, this is a good book for you.

This book is like a good cup of coffee! It is a sweet read with a little steam!

This was just one of the sweetest, sexist reads, I have read in a long time. The story just sort of weaves a spell around you and you are falling in love with Taryn  and Wyatt.  The really are just two of the most likable characters I have ever read. They are not perfect and are just so real.  They both felt like friends you have had forever. You cannot help but like them and root for them throughout the whole book.  Taryn was just such a wonderful friend, daughter, and person. I loved how she did not let drama of her childhood affect her present. She really just was so together and thankful for her parents.  I love her relationship with her parents. It was full of love and honesty!  It was great to see how supporting they all were with each other.

Wyatt and Taryn's love story is so well done. It is not rushed or forced along. The just naturally start to fall for each other and it is amazing to read.  There are a few twist and turns in the road, but they mange to stay true to each other and come out on the other side.   I love how gentle and patient Wyatt is with Taryn. He does have a little Alpha in him but just enough to make you pant a little!  there is plenty of steam and some really nice love scenes to heat of up your day. This is a great Happily-Ever-After!!   This book is just a really nice read!  
P.S. Lindsey's story is the next book and I can not wait to read It. It looks fab!


I took that right from the front of the book. It fits this book to a tee. I really just enjoyed this book so much. It was such a fun and sexy read. First of all, I love all the names involved in this book. Skye Jordan, One of my kids is named Skye and my other little one's middle name is Jordan.  I love the two put together. I wish I had thought of that. Now, next in the name department is Jax, one of my all time favorite names. Now it is name of one of my favorite book crushes. Trust me, after you read this book you will have little crush on Jax  yourself. It is just great if you love Sexier-than-Sin-Bad-Boy-Bikers with a heart, this is the book for you. I spent most of my time in this book drooling over Jax. He is hot, inside and out. I am not going  to give to much away except that this is a really fun read. It is one of those great escape books that you are glad you took the time to read. Yes, I like Lexi too, but for me, this book was all about Jax!  It is such a great, steamy read! Ice water and  a change of panties will be needed!


WOW!  I thought Spark was an amazing read!  Burn blew it Away!
There is so much going on in this book.  I don't want to give away any spoilers, but there were times I was just shocked at the amount of stuff Eric and Velaney have  to deal with.  At some points, I just wanted to throw my kindle in just utter frustration at what these two amazing people had to go through!

Velaney's character was just so strong and indescribable. Her inner strength and courage made her my new book hero!  This book will test your emotions!
I openly wept at certain parts of this book. It is a total emotional roller coaster ride! It is so worth every gut wrenching moment!  It really make you believe in the love of these two amazing people!  

 I am so in love with the Story of Velaney and Eric.  At times Eric just seems to good to be true. It was just fantastic seeing these two fall deeper in love with each other. The hurdles they have in front of them at times are so daunting! Seeing them work through all of it and come out stronger is just so great!

Now this book is super steamy and sexy.  Some of pages just literally set your hormones and girly parts on fire they are that good.  A nice tall glass of ice water is needed for some of the sex scenes!  Yes they are that hot!  I felt the burn and I loved the burn! This is a great book!  Read it today!


Sometimes you read a book that stays with you for days. Sometimes you read book that just touches you and does not let go. Tragically Flawed was that book for me.  
I wish I could tell you the exact moment that this book wrap itself into my heart.  I really can't tell you when it just sort of magically happen as this beautiful story unfolded in pages. The author was able to make you just forget the world outside of the book. I was hopelessly lost in this book with Riviera  and Ben.  It was such a moving journey of finding your personal strength and fighting the demons of your past. Riviera is such amazing person. I wish I could have been half as strong of a person she is. I really just rooted for her through the whole book. 
Now, Ben and Riviera together is pure magic. The two them together was just so amazingly tender and sweet.  They brought tears to my eyes.  The love scenes were just so sexy and intense that you felt kinda of guilty for reading them.  They were so well done.  Make sure you turn on the air conditioner you will need it. The scenes are so steamy you will get a little hot!!    This book has a wonderfully well deserved Happily-Ever-After. You will shed a few tears and jump up and clap for such a wonderful couple and their beautiful story!


What a refreshing take on MC Bikers! It was nice to see a bad-ass biker chick who was just as tough as the boys. She got her patch all on her own. She is nobody's old lady!  It was great to see Cherry deal with all the crap thrown at her and still make it to the top! The  secrets, lies, and betrayals are a little overwhelming at times. Yet, she still is tough enough to take back her life and her club! 

Copper took me awhile to warm up to. But once I saw his true self,  I was 
as lost as Cherry! He is her perfect partner. He stands with her and beside her! I really just love the two of them together.
The story is just so kick-ass!  There are lots of intrigue. I just really enjoyed seeing it all unfold. There are some really great love scenes!  They will make your Kindle smoke a little!  This is a great read!


Wow, I  have to say this is a very hard review to write. To be totally honest I loved and hated this book. It was messy, chaotic, confusing and complicated all at once!
It made my brain spin and twirl and at times I was a little dizzy from how fast these characters self-destruct!  That being said, all the above reasons for hating it also made me love it. I know I think a little part of me loved how twisted all these characters were. Every character in this book is messed up and in no way capable of making healthy choices.  They are all deeply flawed and  they could get a really good rate on group therapy. It is a really good book. I know that sounds strange but it is.  I spent half my time yelling at the characters and going "What the hell are you thinking!". I could not stop reading!  I am really not sure if I even like any of the characters in the book.  Still, I could not help feel for them. It was kind of like  a reality TV show. You know it's bad and totally messed up but you cannot turn the channel! It was a total guilty pleasure.  The sex in the book is dirty, kinky and does push the limits in certain areas. Still, it is good and you cannot stop reading. You may read certain pages twice or more.

This book is a total guilty pleasure, Read if you dare!


Finally some fresh new worlds in the Young Adult Paranormal series!  Wow, the author does a wonderful job of creating a whole new realm of Paranormal. It  is fresh and a fabulous new read.  I was totally sucked into the world the author created. The author had a very subtle way of pulling your into Eila's world. I found myself lost in the mystery surrounding Eila and that beautiful house on the hill.

The author has a way  of weaving the story so that before you know it, you are falling in love with Eila, Raef, and the whole gang. This books just keeps you spell bound form the very beginning. There is never a dull moment in the book and it is filled with lots of mystery, laughs, and romance.  There are great plot twists throughout the whole book. More than once, I found myself going "OMG  I did not see that coming!".  I am not going to give away the story, you need to read it and discover the magic this book is, all on you own. It so worth the read!!  This was a wonderful read. I am very excited to read the next in the series.  The adventure continues!!!!


Warning: if you do not want to cry, do not read this book!  It will pull at your heartstrings. This book broke my heart just a little.  Parts of this book were very difficult to read. It is  a very touching and tender love story, however. It talks about unbelievable loss and what it takes to heal from it. It also shows how sometimes we all have to lose our innocence and grow up way too fast.
Both characters made mistakes and had to live with them.  It felt very real to me and I really loved how it was not quickly fixed. Both characters had a lot of growing and healing to do. This book was one of forgiveness and acceptance. It does have Happily-Ever-After but I do think there is more to the story. A book 2 will be a continuation of healing and love.  There are no real cliffhangers in this book. 
If you like a book that is about believing in the power of love and the healing ability of forgiveness as well as acceptance, this is a great book for you!

This book was so much fun to read. It keeps you guessing right up to end. It is full of mystery, murder, intrigue, and betrayal. It also has a very hot and steamy love story with smoking hot sex!! I LOVE ME SOME HOT SURFER BOYS! 
It was so good that it held me breathless throughout the whole book. It is so good, I was yelling out loud at some of things happen in the book. It is one wild read!  It has all the great qualities to make a really good read.  You fall in love with every character that when the book ends the way it does, you are just blown away!  This is the kind of book that you still think about days after you  are done reading it. It does have great Happily-Ever-After but I am not sure that this is the end of the story. I would not be surprised if we see more of Marissa, Alec and the gang. If you love a good who-done-it mystery, with some great steamy sex, this book is for you!